10 of my favorites

These ten posts were ten of my favorite to write and to reflect upon. They contain principle-oriented marketing concepts, and they embody the foundational aspects of my focus on marketing. Granted, they’re each a little lengthy, but I hope you can take a moment to see a little more of where I’m coming from.

  1. 10 Tips to Create Branded Service Employees
  2. Formula for Positioning
  3. This Job Would Be Great if it Weren’t for Those Pesky Customers
  4. The Dilution of Brands Through Inorganic Growth
  5. The Line Between Brand(ing) and Marketing
  6. 5 Ways Services Marketing Will Help Brick and Mortar Gain Ground
  7. Marketing to Teens
  8. When Commodities Compete, Branded Service is the Key
  9. Services Marketing and the Pizza Continuum
  10. Customer Touchpoints: The “Back-End” of Services Marketing


  1. Hi
    I love your blog, very interesting and innovative.

  2. Thank you Dr. Michel. I truly appreciate the compliment. And I enjoyed “Making the Most of Customer Complaints.” I’ll be watching your site as a regular resource. Thanks for commenting!

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