Posted by: Chris | June 22, 2006


One exciting aspect of my transfer into the corporate world, a transition that I hope will be facilitated by the marketing internship I am currently participating in, is the fact that I can see the building in which I work for miles away. As I drive north on Highway 169, I can look to the west and see the sky-scraping beacon in the distance.

This morning, I forewent my traditional morning chapter of CNBC’s SquawkBox on my XM Satellite Radio, and opted instead for A Perfect Circle. I skipped ahead to track 7, The Outsider, my favorite Perfect Circle song. Unfortunately, I reached the climactic point of the song as I was creeping around a congested clover-leaf onto Highway 51; I simply felt robbed. As soon as the song finished its short denouement, I immediately replayed it, adjusting the volume until I thought I could hear my speakers buzzing. This concerned me, so I turned my stereo down to see if I could isolate the buzzing. I couldn’t, and I realized that during my experiment, I had missed half of the song. I also realized that I was approaching the revered dual sky-scraping beacon I would spend the next 9 hours in, and I was not close enough to that favorite climactic point. I fast forwarded the CD to a point in the song that would allow me to experience this section before pulling into the parking lot. Despite the fact that I had ruined the experience thus far, I was able to enjoy the climax as I zoomed past the left-turning schmucks, which brought some small amount of compensatory pleasure.

Later, more about services marketing.

Until then,

Chris Posey


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