Posted by: Chris | August 3, 2006

I Had Lunch with Dustin Staiger Who Has Been Quoted by Tom Peters and Whose Blog Receives Regular Commentary from John Moore

Over the course of my transfer into corporate marketing and my venture into social media (blogging, to the layman-Dumb and Dumber, revised), I have learned of the compelling nature of one very important marketing/blogging skill: name-dropping. So today, I will dip my toes into this pool and shamelessly report that yesterday, I sat down and had lunch with Dustin Staiger of “Casual Fridays.”

Now, my reference to Jenks marketer and guy who has been quoted by Tom Peters is not intended to be gratuitous; I actually wanted to pass along a gem I pulled from our discussion.

For the two of you who follow my blog regularly, you may remember a previous post on my blog citing Jennifer Rice’s insightful rebuttal of Laura Ries’s concern over Weber’s positioning strategies. Yesterday, Jennifer’s post came up in my lunchtime conversation with Dustin. We made quick discussion of it and moved on. Later, as we were contemplating the evolution of social media, I expressed concerns I have had with the life expectancy of social media (as I have presented in my blog in a previous post). Then, reaching back to our previous discussion about Rice/Ries (a name similarity which I glibly made a comment about as I stuffed chips and salsa into my mouth, realizing later that I may have been mispronouncing my two positioning/branding heroes’ last name for years), Dustin made a great point. To paraphrase, blogging is not the end all, be all of social media. Social media is not about “what you do…[but] how you do it” (Rice). Just as McDonald’s is not positioned as a hamburger joint but as a place of convenience, social media is not about blogging but about (in Dustin’s words) an “exchange of ideas.” (I had to keep saying this phrase over and over in my mind during lunch yesterday just so I wouldn’t forget it for today’s post.)

The moral: it’s not a question of if blogging will go the way of the chatroom, but when it will inevitably happen, what will come after, and how prepared you and I will be for it.

Name droppingly,

Chris Posey

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How do you like that for name-dropping?


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