Posted by: Chris | June 7, 2007

The Job Search Engine Who Cried Wolf

This morning, I was reading a post by Mark Willaman at HRmarketer about Jobster’s latest advertising push in which they use what Mr. Willaman refers to as “risky” methods. I attempted to comment on the blog, but in characteristic Blogspot fashion, technical problems prevented me from successfully doing so (hence, my aforementioned move to WordPress). Therefore, I have decided to post my comment on my blog instead. (Note: read Mr. Willaman’s post here before reading my comment below.)

Great post. I received the same e-mail note last week. I think the folks at Jobster were a little exploitative, using what should have been an otherwise nonassuming, client-assisting tool for commercial use, when they knew that many of their customers were waiting by their Inboxes, just hoping for some good news. It would be like a company’s sales manager calling in an applicant for a job interview for the purposes of trying to sell his product to the interviewee rather than of offering a job (or at best, telling the interviwee about how wonderful his company is, with no mention of a job whatsoever). Jobster could probably have at least done its clients the courtesy of labeling the e-mail “Advertisement,” in order to keep from giving them false hopes.

True customer advocacy fosters loyalty-building trust between marketers and consumers. Abusing venues which should be in place for the benefit of your customers causes future apprehension on their part. Mr. Willaman articulates the effects of this sentiment perfectly:

As for me, I am less likely to respond to any future Jobster emails that tell me I have a “note in my profile” – and some may be genuine.

Me too.

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