Posted by: Chris | July 2, 2007

Integrity and the Branded Service Employee, Part 1

Chip Foose

This past weekend, I found myself standing in a very long, very slow line. It was not outside Tulsa’s new Apple store (which has yet to open), nor was it at my local AT&T provider. No, I waited 1 hour and 40 minutes to have one of my most revered heroes, Overhaulin’ star and all around good guy, Chip Foose, sign the cover of my January 2007 copy of Car Audio and Electronics. While the car audio installs (a guilty pleasure of mine to be discussed later in this series) on Overhaulin’ are usually pretty minimal (what do you expect with a 7-day turnaround?), the show has established a brand based on integrity-motivated quality. Even with the limited time-frame these guys (and girls) have to work with, I never see them taking shortcuts. This is no doubt a result of the demands of crew’s skipper, Chip Foose.

I do not know these people

From the multiple military-man remakes, to the father-son refurbishments, to the husband-honoring high-quality, um, overhauls, Chip’s concern for individual people is evident in his service provision. So while I see unparalleled creativity and talent every time a car rolls off of Foose Design’s lot, I know that the driving force behind each remarkable creation is the integrity that is an essential aspect of the Chip Foose brand. It’s the same integrity that compelled Chip to postpone his flight out of Tulsa last Saturday in order that he could have more time to spend with his fans. It’s the same integrity that motivated Chip to appear at Trinity Restoration (I have no affiliations) in Tulsa on behalf of the Progeria Research Foundation. This integrity invokes devotion; in marketing terms, customer loyalty. Integrity in service provision irresistably brands service employees. I am curious to know more of the effective initiatives service-oriented companies are implementing for the purpose of instilling integrity in their employees.


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