Posted by: Chris | July 14, 2007

Favorite Blog Links for July 9-13


CMO Study Not Fair To Pro Marketers– David Kiley from Brand New Day/BusinessWeek comments on a limited study that suggests that CMO’s don’t add to a company’s bottom line. Kiley points out aspects of true CMO efficacy (which must obviously be different from the scale applied to CFO’s and CEO’s), and aptly addresses the misconception that “Sales and marketing are permanently linked…as one entity, like Lewis and Clark.”

How toDevelop and Leverage an Effective Press Release– Kevin Levi from Small Business Branding provides simple step-by-step instructions on getting the most out of press releases.


Removing your Shoes and Cleaning up your Mess Is Communications, Too– Eric Eggerston from Common Sense PR relates an interesting personal experience with branded, front-line service. And I do believe that this type of service can be implemented in the construction industry (see Eric’s comments).


High Testosterone Affects Financial Decisions– Rob May from BusinessPundit addresses the “chemistry” behind financial decisions.

Don’t Sprint, Just Walk– Sure, there’s lots of talk about Sprint’s firing of 1000 customers. I like Cam Beck’s (Chaos Scenario) 5-step plan to tele-customer service. It rings very true (no pun intended) to me and my wife, as yet again, we are having to deal with Sprint’s horrible customer service over errors they made in our contract a long time ago. They have transgressed all 5 of Beck’s suggestions in this single incident.

A caveat: I am all for firing customers, and I agree with Sprint’s rationale (you’re not happy, we’re not happy, let’s just end this thing), but as Beck mentions, Sprint is probably not in a good position to do something like this considering how many people they are making angry. (I would love it if they would fire me!)

Tap Into Your Inner Intelligence– Ginger Conlon from 1 to 1 Media (gosh, what I wouldn’t give to work there) speaks about companies that are innovating for the sake of innovating. That is, companies are implementing effective strategies to get their employees’ creative juices flowing, thus turning their creative department into the entire body of employees (or the other way around).


What’s up with Gen Y?– Marie Tupot from Brand Noise debunks the mysteriousness that has been imputed upon today’s teenagers. See marketing implications here. (Yep, shameless self-promotion.)



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