Posted by: Chris | July 21, 2007

Favorite Posts/Links for July 16-20 alluded to this site a little earlier in the week but I feel I didn’t give it the credit it deserved. I’ve created 2 stations so far, one very Tool-esque, and the other based on the sounds of Skillet. Very cool site. can’t beat free trading, but if you apply for an account today, don’t think you’re going to be trading tomorrow. The processing is a little slow (I have been put off for yet another 3-5 business days), but I have high hopes for next week!


BtoB vs. BtoC Word of Mouth– Andy Sernovitz, from Damn! I Wish I’d Thought of That!, addresses the issue simply and succinctly. Clip it in your “Classics” folder.

Just a Couple of Random Kooks– Cord Silverstein at Marketing Hipster shares a touchy experience with what seems to be a pretty closed-minded client. Check the comments too. And if you have time, read his post, Sprint – Please Help Me Understand…..

Why We’re Like a Million Monkeys on Treadmills– Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion addresses what I feel is a very fascinating (and sobering) concern about social media: the fact that it is dynamic by nature. The implications? Corporate bloggers, you had better be contemplating what’s next and how it ties into your job description. (See related blog post here. Yep, more shameless self-promotion.)


I generally focus on marketing issues, but I couldn’t pass up this post by Sheldon Liber over at I love it when “genuine Wall Street gibberish” (to use Jim Cramer’s term) is interpreted as succinctly as this article does with “quality of earnings.”


Another great from, also by Sheldon Liber. Chasing Value: Cruising past the GAP – the stores & the stock scrutinized Gap stores from both a marketing and investment perspective. Interesting how very closely these two are connected, how everything that can be said of Gap’s marketing can also be said of the investment opportunity. It’s kind of sad-I remember back when Gap stores were more remarkable. But I do love Piperlime.

Community Jumpers– An interesting post by Eric Brown (WeirdGuy) about how “fickle” members of the Social Media Community are. Considering the age group of the majority of FaceBookers and MySpacers, I think that the implications for teenage marketing are clear.

Convenience at a Cost– Jeremy Nedelka at Think Customers: The 1 to 1 Blog addresses a very real concern that particularly affects marketers who focus on service industries. Unless the brand identity your company is hoping for is “Impersonal,” self-service may be a move that should be scrutinized closely.


Target Ads Drew Me In and Then Fell Short– This post by Kelly Mooney of made me realize the importance of yet another aspect of Services Marketing and the Branded Service Employee: cross-channel communications. Most of my past focus has been on specific employees at individual sites, but efficiency and branded service across channels is what makes companies like Tulsa-based Quik Trip so successful. Interesting post.



  1. Thanks for the shout out Chris, much appreciated. 🙂

  2. My pleasure. I always enjoy your insight, and I look forward to reading more about your latest marketing exploits!

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