Posted by: Chris | July 28, 2007

Favorite Posts for July 23-27


When is change a good thing?– Interesting post from Ed Roach at Brand Corral. If you’re like me, you get restless and you like to tinker with things that you’re very familiar with-a practice that drives my wife and our homeowner’s insurance agent crazy. When it comes to a company’s brand, this “tinkering” must be done with great caution in light of the fact that, as Ed mentions, “…you live with your brand day-in and day-out. Your prospects aren’t as aware of your brand as you are.” Things may actually be completely fine with your brand. See the post for what the problems and solutions may actually be.

Just about to shut down and I saw this post by Steve Woodruff at Small Business Branding which I felt was a great partner piece to the one by Ed Roach. [Or perhaps it should be partnered with this post penned last week on the Freakonomics blog-a post which definitely got some people stirred up about the reality (or lack thereof) of newly made/discovered disorders!]

The Customer Isn’t Always Right– Elizabeth Glagowski of 1 to 1 Media (have I already mentioned how I would love to work for this firm?) addresses the touchy subject of firing one’s customers. The post points to an article by Peppers and Rogers which addressed recent developments with Sprint (not to be rehashed here). As I mentioned previously, I’m all for firing one’s customers in certain situations. And also, as I have mentioned previously, I really wish I were one of those customers Sprint would fire!


Blogging: Everyone’s Doing It … But Should They Be?– I have often wondered what motivates people to blog when (let’s be honest here) so many blogs will receive only a handful of hits in a year’s time. (Yes I am aware that my blog falls into this category.) Kevin Zimmerman at 1-to-1 Media (did I already mention how much I would love to work at this place?) rightfully asks the question, should you even be blogging in the first place? Of course, Kevin’s focus is on corporate as opposed to personal blogs (which require no defense or justification) in a post that encourages us to closely examine our reasons for creating a company blog and our commitment to writing said blog in a consistent and compelling manner. Great point about Apple, Kevin.

Why You Probably Won’t Survive as an Independent Consultant– I immediately saved this post by Will Schroter at the Go Big Network in my personal Bloglines clippings and later decided that it was just too good not to post in my weekly favorites. Maybe it’s just because I teach English, but I love the allegory. Point well made.


Dealing with negative word of mouth– Andy Sernovitz from Damn! I Wish I’d Thought of That! gives very practical advice on dealing with negative press within the confines of social media. A great PR post to be clipped into your “Classics” folder.

Five Ways that Websites Suck– Eric Eggerston from Common Sense PR outlines five easily implemented but often neglected principles of website creation and organization. As I read the post, several websites popped into my mind. I’ll bet we can all list our fair share of sites that transgress these essential rules.

Al Ries and his Crazy, Crazy Pills– I’m leaving my personal opinion out on this one. I think this is a really interesting post by Paul McEnany at hee-hawmarketing. I’m going to keep an eye on the Comments section of this particular post-I’m interested to hear both sides. This is blog is new to my blogroll, and so far, I have really been enjoying it. (OK, so my personal opinion snuck in there at the end.)


The Art of Writing with Brevity– Maybe it’s just because I’m a (now, former) English teacher that I appreciate today’s post by Kevin Levi at Small Business Branding so much. I know, it’s ironic for me, one who is very longwinded in his blog posts, to be in such agreement with this post, but I do think it’s great advice, and I know of many blogs that I wish would comply.


Will Rapid-Fire Finance Self-Destruct the Economy?– To quote Steve Martin, “All I can say is wow!” This post by Rob May at was very challenging. It inspired a recent post of mine. May not be the slant Rob intended, but this post really got me thinking about finance and branding.

Is Your Brand Showing?– Just as I was about to upload my latest list of favorites, I stumbled upon this post by Mike Wagoner at Own Your Brand and I had to include it in the list. An awesome post pertaining to the branding of front-line service employees (no, I still haven’t coined a cool acronym for these people). Looking back, I don’t know that Mike has written a post that I didn’t like.



  1. Thank you for listing my post on front line employees as one of your favorites for this week.

    Very encouraging!

    Keep creating…the unpredictable,

  2. My pleasure. Looking forward to your next post!

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