Posted by: Chris | August 25, 2007

Favorite Posts for August 20-24


Clustered Social Networks Lead to Company Innovation– Rob May from makes a great point about how we view networks. I am amazed at the size of some of my friends’ LinkedIn networks. I think a few could use this post.

Why Web 2.0 is Not the Next Webvan– Sara Smith from Viametric provides (on 10,000 Marshmallows) her very objective opinion regarding the value (and validity) of corporate social media. (I think I actually remember those Whoopi Goldberg commercials!)


Pricing Tells a Story– Remember the 4 or 5 or 6 P’s you learned in intro to marketing? Seems like we forget this very important P pretty often-I don’t read too many marketing blog posts about pricing strategy. John Moore at Brand Autopsy reminds us that pricing is as much of a company’s brand as is their promotion , positioning, etc., and that the story that is told through pricing can be as compelling (if not more so) as those told through the other P’s that we commonly view as story-telling marketing strategies. Very interesting post.

How NOT to Use a PowerPoint– It’s funny…because it’s true. Thanks to Free How-To Videos Daily.

Another Casualty of Poor Service– You didn’t think my first Favorite Posts list after a three-week break could be without a post by the folks over at 1-to-1 Media, did you? (Have I ever mentioned how cool I think it would be to work there?) Great post about a favorite topic of mine, services marketing/value added service, by Jeremy Nedelka.


Three Common Errors Business Bloggers MakeThe Podcast Sisters blog is new to my blogroll (thanks to a post that is being circulated about women who blog-I found it at an old favorite: Drew’s Marketing Minute). In light of the fact that my company is currently considering expanding in the area of social media, I found this post to be timely and insightful. Clip it in your “classics’ folder. (posted on Thursday, accessed on Friday)

Levitt May Not Even Be the Cleverest Person in His Own House– Obviously not a marketing post, but a great one from the writers of Freakonomics. Why is it a 4-year old can figure out this strategy without any help or instruction whatsoever, and I, a 36-year old MBA, have to think very hard about it, even as I’m watching the video! (Don’t answer that.)



  1. Chris-

    I’m very glad to see that you enjoyed my posting about Budget’s customer service, and our blog in general. I would invite you to comment on our site often, as we are always trying to create a dialogue with our readers. We’ve also recently been taking polls, so please feel free to vote in them as well. I’ll be checking out your blog now too and doing the same. It’s always nice to know that someone is out there reading what we write!


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