Posted by: Chris | August 31, 2007

Arrow Exterminators: Exterminate Your Loyalty Program


I received a comment on this post from the corporate offices of Arrow Exterminators asking me to give them a call (which I thought was impressive). I did call the number listed, and the girl who answered the phone told me I had the wrong number. I double-checked, and indeed, the number in my comments section does not lead to Kevin. If you’re reading this Kevin, I’d love to contact you at a different number!

During the internship I served the last two summers, I took a very small part in planning, growing, and maintaining my company’s loyalty program. We would do things like reward frequent customers with upgrades and freebies, allow loyal customers to partake in speed-of-service programs, and the like. You know, things that make people want to come back.
My wife and I recently discovered how a local exterminator, Arrow Exterminators, keeps its customers loyal. Let’s just say, they aren’t quite as effective as (I suppose I can say it now that I’m not there anymore) Dollar Thrifty.

We recently moved to a house a few miles from our previous house. At our previous house, we had called on Arrow Exterminators to take care of an existing termite problem soon after we had moved in. The termite treatment wasn’t cheap; nevertheless, we also ended up asking Arrow Exterminators to take care of quarterly non-termite maintenance on our house. (By the way, there was no package discount.) We maintained service with Arrow for over 2 years. Then, we had to suspend our service for two months as we made the transition into our new house. Soon after we had moved in, my wife called on Arrow Exterminators again to reestablish service. She was told that that would be fine, and that we would simply have to pay the $100-$200 startup fee (I don’t remember the exact amount) as well as the regular payment. My wife explained that we were existing customers with Arrow Exterminators, and that we had simply taken a short furlough so that we could move into a new house (that we had intended to give them the business for maintaining). In a nutshell, she got nowhere with them. She called back the next day and asked to speak to a manager. After explaining our plight, the manager asked her if he could give her a call back. (Dr. Brown would call this person a non-empowered employee.) You can probably guess what happened next: that’s right, absolutely nothing! No call back. No e-mail. No letter. Of course, the natural result on the consumer side is (trumpet fanfare here) no business! We are currently looking for a new exterminator, as is my mother-in-law who, on principle, is ready to sever her 25-year relationship with Arrow Exterminators.

I hope that startup fee for existing customers keeps working out well for you, Arrow.



  1. Chris,

    Please contact Arrow Exterminators corporate office at 770-552-2943 and ask to speak with Kevin Burns. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to learn more about this situation and do everything I can to rectify it.

    We are a family-owned company and we take pride in how we treat our customers. If one of our customers has a negative experience for whatever reason, we want to fix it. Thank you.

  2. Chris,

    I apologigize for the inconvenience. You can reach me at 770-552-4943.


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