Posted by: Chris | September 12, 2007

Recent Favorites

I’ve been slacking in my weekly favorites, so I’m putting all of my recent favorites (from the past couple of weeks) here:

Tuesday 8-28

What I learned from Miss Teen USA– I’m embarrassed to admit I even saw 10 minutes of Miss Teen USA, but I did. And the excerpt I happened to catch included this sad response by Miss South Carolina. Despite the pitifulness of her response, I agree with Cam Beck from Chaos Scenario in his defense of the poor girl.

How to Create a WOM-Worthy Airline– This is an awesome post by Jackie Huba of Church of the Customer that shows how WOM is explicitly linked to branded service employees.

5-Star Service– I am fortunate enough to live in a town that has a campus. It’s the natural choice of churches for a marketer (or, one who is headed that direction). I am referencing only the first in a series of five posts by my pastor, Craig Groeschel, but do make sure to click on all five. I’m sure he would humbly disagree, but his marketing aptitude, seen in this series of posts, has a lot to do with the success of the church.

Sunday 9-2

Advice for Starbucks – after the leaked memo– Dannielle Blumenthal asserts what John Moore at Brand Autopsy calls an “audacious” idea for Starbucks. I’ll let you go to Blumenthal on Branding, one of my new favorites, yourself, so that you can personally enjoy the excellent writing and challenging insights.

Switching to Mac is a Waste of Time– At the risk of arousing the ire of Mac users worldwide just as Rob May at did, I had to put this post on my favorite posts of the week list. You might find my comment buried under the tirades of many Mac-nazis in Rob’s comments section. Sad. But I’ve got to give Apple a nod for conducting such an effective marketing campaign, which has resulted in such devoted followers. And don’t be mistaken, it is nothing more than a marketing campaign.

Wednesday 9-5

10 Questions For The Agency Executive-This post by David Armano at Logic+Emotion really hit home with me, probably because the company where I recently began working is currently contemplating its role in Web 2.x. (Shameless self-promotion: I can answer 9 of the 10 questions.)

Thursday 9-6

O marketer, can you hear the loons– Awesome post about “Immersive Marketing” by Steven Phenix at 10,000 Marshmallows. And be sure to check Steven’s inspiration, an equally impressive post at Forrester’s Marketing Blog. I love this idea.

Don’t embarrass your fans– Might as well continue with this anti-Apple thing. Who knows, someone from my new place of employment may read this and consequently swap out my iMac for a lovely, refreshing, comfortably sterile and much more able PC. Poignant post by Andy Sernovitz at Damn, I wish I’d thought of that. Wow, what a marketing move, Apple. Surely someone in this organization known for its uncanny insight must have foreseen the message this move sends.

Friday 9-7
Viral Marketing– Laura Ries at The Origin of Brands does a great job of harnessing this concept recently scrutinized by the folks at Jupiter–a concept that might be considered to be unduly “viral” among marketers themselves!

Tuesday 9-11
Why is Everyone Smiling-Here’s the next book I want to read. Sounds like it has a lot to do with the FLSE (Front Line Service Employee) situation I have ranted about repeatedly in my own blog. Thanks to John Moore at Brand Autopsy for recommending and reviewing it. Author’s site here.



  1. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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