Posted by: Chris | September 13, 2007

Score Two for Wal Mart

1. Wal-Mart is changing their slogan of 19 years, and despite my belief that people forget the companies slogans are tied to unless the company name is actually mentioned in the slogan, I think it’s a good positioning move: “Save money. Live better.” See the full article here. See dissension here.

2. On Sept. 25, Wal-Mart will open check-out lines devoted specifically to the buyers of Halo 3. What a great idea! It gets Halo 3 buyers into their stores, while protecting their non-Halo 3 buyers from the day-after-Christmas-ish craziness that is sure to ensue at the release of this highly anticipated title.

Surely, while the Halo 3 buyers are in the particularly welcoming Wal-Mart stores, they will also be purchasing cases of Mountain Dew’s Halo 3-inspired bottles of pop to sustain them through the long night of finishing the game. Talk about perfectly lining up a promotion with a target audience!


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