Posted by: Chris | September 18, 2007

Blogroll Diet

Ahh, I feel so much lighter. I finally pruned my blogroll from 70+ to under 50 blogs (and even fewer viewable to you). Some went because they rarely posted new comments. Some went because they were redundant. Some went because the content just wasn’t doing it for me. And some were simply ugly. I suppose this is a blogging lesson to myself.

Blogs are interesting. They create a surprisingly strong relationship with their subscribers. As I deleted some blogs, I felt sad. I felt guilty as I deleted others. And some, I deleted with a grin on my face.

While I truly enjoy the 41 remaining blogs viewable to the right, some which I have recently “grown especially close to” (to continue the metaphor) are:

10,000 Marshmallows

Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That

Church of the Customer

Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog

Kelly Mooney’s Blog

Marketing Hipster

Own Your Brand

The 1 to 1 Blog

WonderBranding: Marketing to Women

If you have not had a chance to read these blogs, click on a couple of these links now.

I did keep What’s Your Brand Mantra on the list, even though my favorite blogger ever, Jennifer Rice, has posted only one message since May 5, when she announced that she was changing agencies. Each day, I keep hoping to see her blog highlighted in Bloglines. I’m not giving up on her just yet!

Oh, and thanks to those of you in the remaining 41 for consistently turning out great work.



  1. Hey Chris – Thanks for the kind words. Glad (and honored) to be on your radar. Greg

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