Posted by: Chris | September 19, 2007

Heineken Ad, Part II

I dropped a quick post about the new Heineken commercial about 3 weeks ago. This commercial has really stuck with me. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

Not only is this commercial cool, it is well done from an advertising standpoint. Here’s how:

1.  The spirit of the commercial is consistent with the point they’re trying to make about the product

The impression Heineken wants to leave with  you is that their new “draught keg” system is innovative. The entire commercial is an extended metaphor which reinforces this concept. Everything about the commercial is innovative: the music, the action, the filming style. It’s a very consistent message

2. It’s fresh

I hesitate to use this much overused adjective to describe this commercial. But it is the best word I can think of to describe the fact that it emulates no other commercial.

3. It catches the viewer’s eye

Contrasting colors and images that are a tad disturbing with clear sexual undertones (sounds like a wine review) effectively catch the viewer’s attention-especially Heineken’s target audience of young males. (Maybe Carl’s Jr. could learn something from these guys.)

4. It catches the viewer’s ear

Again, they clearly focused on their target market here. The music style is perfect. Something else impressive: it’s an original piece! Not just some Rolling Stones or REM song that any old company could also decide to use in their marketing campaign for their completely unrelated product. (I used to love the old Hummer commercial that played Sven Vath’s “The Freak” which I thought was so cool,  until I realized that indeed, the song was not an original Hummer creation-but nonetheless, pretty appropriate, I must admit.) Also, Heineken remembered to do something very important: they included their product/company name in the song!

5. It shows its product-and its key benefits-in action

The commercial provides a great “how-to” on using their new draught keg (which is a pretty cool innovation). It effectively shows the ease and quickness with which a user may utilize the keg.

Nice job Heineken. If only I liked the way your beer tasted!



  1. hey, random question. in 2001 or 2002 can’t remember, heineken had a funny commercial that involved a random guy taking another guys heineken, and then doing a cool “thumbs up” dance. anyone know the name of it or where i can get it? it’s really funny.

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