Posted by: Chris | September 21, 2007

Favorite Posts for September 17-21


The future is still – um – in the future– Interesting post by Greg Verdino of Crayon Marketing. The post reminds us of the truth that what may be “old to some will assuredly be new to others, and regardless of the timing of one’s introduction to a product or service, we are compelled to engage him or her regardless. I’m impressed that a representative of such a progressive firm (one which may be otherwise tempted to write off such “delayed adopters”) would post this.

Are You Listening to Customers Where it Counts?– I love this idea by Mila D’Antonio at the 1 to 1 Blog. Oh, if they’d only implement this at the Quizzno’s on 61st and Yale!


The 7 strands of “blog DNA”– I hate to use two posts from the same blog in the same week, but this post on Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog belongs in your Bloglines “Classics” clippings.


10 Signs You’re Killing Creativity– This is why I wait until the end of the day on Fridays to post favorites. A very challenging post by Dustin Staiger at Casual Fridays. My next question: what do you do when you realize that pockets of your organization exhibit these signs?

Who Will Your Customers Mimic?– This simple illustration by Drew McLellan at Drew’s Marketing Minute attests to the importance of internal marketing and the impact of FLSE‘s.



  1. Chris,

    Quite the catch of the week. I don’t think you need to feel even slightly bad about pointing to Greg twice considering the quality of the posts.

    Nice round up. Thanks for including me in the mix.


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