Posted by: Chris | February 8, 2008

Favorite Blog Posts 2-4 through 2-8

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted a “Best of…” Glad I had an opportunity this week.


Who Came First – the Mac Guy or the Mac User?– Although Drew McLellan and I do not agree on computer platform superiority, we do see eye-to-eye on the fact that Mac has a great marketing program in place. Drew’s questions at the close of his post really had (has) me thinking. My initial answer: Apple doesn’t just have a handle on its customer base-It actually created this very unique and committed customer base. (This has to be the case! To lead so many people to believe that a platform so lacking in intuitiveness is actually superior in intuitiveness is the result of an incredibly effective marketing team and positioning program.) Then, the Mac guy followed. (Incidentally, I use a Mac every day at work.) Nice job Apple-and Drew!

Ideas from Customer Service is the New MarketingAndy Sernovitz shares 17 insights from the Customer Service is the New Marketing conference. I particularly enjoyed the ideas from Zappos that reinforce employee (internal) branding.

Why Graphic Design is the Worst Brand Ever– I really admire Ed Roach’s passion in this post, and I have to admit, I feel similar indignation when any old sales person is referred to as being “in marketing.” (Even worse, when they are called “National/Regional Brand managers.) A great post about excellence in one’s field-and a post in which indignation is warranted


How to Make Your Tuesday (and every day) Super– I agree with Cam Beck with regard to both politicians and and marketers.


Most TiVo’d Super Bowl Commercial: E-Trade– I’ve got to agree with Susan Gunelius from Brand Curve on this one. I was surprised to hear TiVo’s results. I’m really not sure how strongly this commercial reinforced the brand. I think they went for “cute humor” rather than something substantive about the brand. The Tide to Go commercial still gets my vote, not only for the funniest SB ad (I just watched it for about the 20th time and I’m still laughing), but also for the most effective.


Night and Day-Um, yeah. Just look at that face. And more good news in Small Victories (Friday) at the same blog. I feel like I can actually function today!


Marketing Lessons from School Lunch– As a former teacher myself, I enjoyed the metaphor drawn by Paul Williams of Marketing Profs Daily Fix. (Of course, as a former English teacher, I also couldn’t help but notice the misspelling of the commonly misspelled “principle/principal” 🙂 ) Great post nonetheless!

Not Opting-Out Ins Not Opting-In Is Not Good for Appends and Not Good for Email– Super-practical article on e-mail appends from Mark Brownlow at Email Marketing Reports.Check out the links Mark references too.

Also wanted to mention a blog that is new to my blogroll: Marketing Over Coffee. I’ve really been enjoying the podcasts so far!



  1. Chris,

    Okay, I will not fuel the fire of the Mac versus PC debate. And in fairness, Apple has a huge advantage. They control their category’s brand. No one else makes a Mac. But, on the PC side, they are all competing and muddying the waters.

    This is the power of being a category of one. If you haven’t read Joe Calloway’s book on that subject…it is a must read.


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