Posted by: Chris | February 15, 2008

Favorite Blog Posts February 11-15


The Icebox of the Nation: The Battle for the Trademarked Slogan Comes to an End– Seems like an incidental piece of marketing news, but this post by Susan Gunelius at Brand Curve hits on something so important: the branding of a city or state. Being an native Oklahoman, I have always been subject to the image imputed upon my fair state (cowboys and Indians, dust bowl, Okie from Muskogee) rather than a progressive image proactively, intentionally generated by whomever is in charge of our state’s image-a person who I do not believe exists. I blogged a while back about how my home city, Tulsa, recently relinquished the opportunity to change its image/brand/position. I’m glad to see these two cities felt their brands were important enough to take to court. It’s too bad there could be only one winner on such an important issue.

Two types of tagline – great and “other”– An issue I make my wife listen to me complain about frequently: the meaninglessness of so many taglines out there. So true, I and I like Drew’s Michelin example. To quote Adam Sandler: “Whos the marketing genius who came up with that?”

Media Spend, Messaging and Drama Favors Dems in Convention Battle– I wonder if it’s too late for the Republicans to learn from this lesson from Brand New Day’s David Kiley.


Positive PR-The Inside ScoopAfter the Launch is not a regular member of my blogroll, but I happened to come across this blog in searching out new blogroll additions. I spend many hours at my job stripping ambitious press releases of their lofty claims, reducing them to the bare, objective facts. This post by Jeff Crilly is absolutely correct-namely in assertions #1 and #4. If you do marketing-related writing in any capacity, this post is worth a read.

Branded at Birth– Kind of scary, this article by Marketing Profs pseudonym Tangerine Toad evokes some concern in this insightful post. Of course, he forgot Elmo–must not have a 2-year tadpole old at home.


Advertising is, well-Advertising…– This post by David Bookout at Small Business Branding provides a solid, common sense advertising decision filter. Clip this in your “Classics” folder.

There Is No ‘Campaign’ in Social Media– One of the most sensible and well-articulated outlooks on corporate social media I’ve read in a long time, by Paul Dunay at Marketing Profs Daily Fix. I passed this one along to my boss.


How Branding is Relevant in a Slow Economy- Another great article about the importance of branding in the face of an economic slowdown from Ed Roach of Brand Corral. (Click here for last week’s related post.)


The Four P’s of Effective Business Blogging– In marketing, it seems there always has to be a group of P’s. Blogging as a form of marketing is no exception. These four P’s from Tom Pick at The WebMarketCentral Blog are dead on. Clip this in your “Classics” folder.



  1. Chris —

    I appreciate the plug and glad you found the 4 P’s of Blogging useful. Looks like I have another excellent blog to watch!

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