Posted by: Chris | March 7, 2008

Favorite Blog Posts March 3-7

How to Cure WhirlyBrandAwesome post by Ed Roach at Small Business Branding. Definitely going into my Favorites. (Or as Ed may call them, “Favourites.”) I am amazed at the number of companies that have, as Ed calls it, a “whirlybrand.” Lengthy post, but worth the read. That crazy Canadian really know what he’s talking about! (But what’s up with “colours”?)

By the numbers or by the brands?– This post by Laura Ries at The Origin of Brands does a great job of explaining what’s going on (and what’s going wrong) with the Gap. Sad, but most likely true.

Customer Service – The Face of the Company– Great Services Marketing piece by Becky Carroll at Customers Rock.

Ideas are Overrated– The focus on people as much more than mere idea-generators, a concept well articulated in this post by Dustin Staiger at Casual Fridays, is essential to a strong internal marketing program. When employees know that they are valued by their company, they are inspired to value the company in return, and this value comes through in service provision. But when companies turn food tray liners into job applications, employees readily understand their place in the company in that situation too.



  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out to Customers Rock! I just had to write that post after the contrasting experiences I had. Keep up the good work on your blog – I love people who get services marketing. 🙂

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