Posted by: Chris | July 18, 2008

Friday Favorites: July 14-18

Better Coffee. Faster. ** NEVER **– I honestly could not agree with John Moore of Brand Autopsy more. No need for me to provide my own commentary. Just read the post.

Welcome home, indeed.– Great anecdote by Robbin Phillips at Brains on Fire about her stay at  The Greenwich Hotel. Look at the fourth item on her list of ways she was welcomed: “Then he took me to my room. And gracefully showed it off.” (emphasis added) Big FLSE bonus points for having a pride in his brand that was compelling enough to promote action. No doubt, this is simply a step in the bellman rule-book, it’s a great way to combine a brand pride with “felt” service–probably took less than 5 minutes and cost the company nothing. Makes me wonder what other service providers could do to combine compelling pride in a brand with quick-and-free action.

Are you a barker or an attractor?– I’m a little late on this one-it came out last Friday-but I think Jackie Huba at Church of the Customer really hits the nail on the head with this simple, oft-discussed, typically overlooked marketing essential: a good quality product-or, as Jackie writes, “designing elements into a business that will get the attention of customers…” No amount of yelling, spamming, or even branded service can compete with a well-designed product (or business, or service).

PS-Thank you Ben and Jackie for Citizen Marketers. I do actively recommend it to my students.

Who Speaks Louder: Marketing or Customer Service?– Wow. Please read this post by Becky Carroll at Customers Rock. The essence of services marketing and branded service provision. If you have an interest in internal branding at all, you’ll love this post.

Combine to Create Engagement– Great post by Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand. I think the crux of the post (and of internal marketing in general) may be found in the last sentence of the post. I’ll let you go there and read it for yourself.


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