Posted by: Chris | September 15, 2008

Returning to Blogging…Again

My last post was July 22. Since then, I applied for, received an offer for, accepted, waited and waited for, and was finally, officially instated into a new position at work. Amazingly, it truly did take that much time. That’s my excuse.

So for my first post back, I’ll be keeping it quick and simple. When it comes to branded service, internal marketing, service marketing, or whatever term you want to use for it, the cornerstone of employee empowerment (a key component in services marketing) is simply, respect. Really, it is. There’s nothing exciting, new, or sexy about it.

A few things you might ask yourself with regard to the respect that leads to empowered employees:

  • Are your front-line service employees (FLSE’s) “in the loop” and involved?
  • Have you done your FLSE’s the service of properly educating them?
  • Are your FLSE’s held accountable for clearly defined and meaningful responsibilities?
  • Do you treat your FLSE’s as truly valuable, or as expendable turnover candidates?
  • Do you play games with your FLSE’s? (And I’m not talking about the fun games like Chinese jacks.)

Obviously, there are more. And I’d be interested to hear the things you believe to be essential in providing FLSE’s with the respect and empowerment they require in order to be the most valuable marketing tool your company possesses.

On a related note, check out at Andy Sernovitz’s review of Johnny Bunko, by Daniel Pink at Andy’s blog: Damn! I Wish I’d Thought of That! Whether I cited it in time or not Andy, I definitely plan on taking a look at it!


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