Posted by: Chris | September 19, 2008

Friday Favorites: Sept. 15-19

Microsoft’s reframing– I appreciated this post by Ben McConnell at one of my old favorites, Church of the Customer, for three reasons. First, I have to admit, I was having a little trouble with the commercial myself. Second, anything Seinfeld-affirming must be good. And third, I genuinely appreciated the explanation of the mindset. After having worked on a Mac for the past year and consequently realizing that the perpetuation of the idea that the Mac is “intuitive” and “human” is actually just a very successful marketing campaign (and nothing more than that), I’m glad to know that Microsoft is putting some thought into their advertising beyond “let’s show them how big we are.” Chalk it up to 8 years of teaching literature, but I like the idea of plot (Seinfeldian though it may be) and theme being a part of an advertising campaign. Thanks Ben.

UPDATE: On Thursday, Susan Gunelius at BrandCurve posted news that Microsoft canned the Seinfeld/Gates ads. (Gunelius’ post here.) Too bad. I thought this 4 1/2 minute ad was hilarious. But as a Seinfeld addict and rabid PC supporter, maybe I’m biased?

UPDATE: Nice follow-up post from Church of the Customer.

Why Your Company Should Treat Employees Like Family– This post by Bronwyn Fryer at new blogroll member, HBR (Harvard Business Review) Editor’s Blog, was a no-brainer for my Friday Favorites. Embodying principles of respect that lead to employee empowerment, Ultimate Software seems to have a secure handle on services marketing. Bronwyn, did you grow up in Tulsa?

Building Effective Landing Pages– Very thorough post on Landing Page principles by Tamara Gielen at Be Relevant. Clip this in your Best Practices folder.


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