Posted by: Chris | October 3, 2008

Friday Favorites: Sept. 29-Oct. 3

Do you know your company’s story?– Great post by Drew McLellan at Drew’s Marketing Minute about an often overlooked yet founational aspect of services marketing: knowing your company’s story. I wonder how many companies have completely lost their stories over time (and size). Too bad, considering the essential tie between story and brand.

Good Branding Requires Great Business Etiquette– Wow! Two great service marketing posts on a Monday morning! Sounds like a promising week. This post at Small Business Branding uses blog-poster Christine Buske’s personal experience to drive home the point that integrity in customer service explicitly contributes to positioning and branding. I love her concluding comment: “Although you may think customer service is not part of your brand, it actually should be.” Exactly!

Which 50% of your marketing dollars are working?– Just as I was getting to the bottom of my blogroll Monday morning, I was happily surprised to see a blog highlighted that I have not seen highlighted for quite some time: What’s Your Brand Mantra? by Jennifer Rice. Her reemergent offering does not disappoint. A white paper about marketing effectiveness, this post maintains the same depth and insight of Rice’s previous posts. Highly practical, appropriately technical. Just good, intelligent marketing best-practices.

Choose Your Words Carefully– Great post by Drew McLellan on Small Business Branding this week. (That’s two for Drew this week!) Drew notes that the minor, recurring gaffes in service provision (such as sighing whenever asked to do work) are more than isolated customer service issues—they are company culture issues, and they impact and reinforce the company’s perceived brand and position every time they occur. I like Drew’s ridiculously simple and free tweak.

Now Is Not the Time to Hide– Practical marketing response to the current economic situation by Lewis Green at MarketingProfs Daily Fix. The key: a strong service marketing program. It’s cheap/free to the company and offers a greater value-added product to money-conscious consumers. (Shameless self promotion ahead) Check out my post over the topic from yesterday: Services Marketing During an Economic Downturn.


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