Posted by: Chris | August 30, 2010

Remind them that you provide branded service

Zappos Services MarketingJust received my first email promotion from Zappos as a “Zappos VIP member.” (Translation: free overnight shipping, and I’m on their email list.) I followed a link to a page that provided not only an outfit idea that pretty accurately aligned with my taste and preferences but also a reminder of one of Zappos’ differentiating value propositions. It’s tough to see in the small image to the right, but if you click on the screenshot of the webpage, you’ll see one of 10 “Zappos Family Core Values” clearly listed at the bottom (circled in yellow).

While it’s usually not tough to recognize branded service initiatives anecdotally, sometimes customers and clients may wonder if the positive initiative just witnessed was actually intentional. Assure them that it was with a line and a link, like Zappos does.

How else have you seen companies draw attention to differentiating value propositions? Do you think it’s worth using valuable page space for (seemingly) non-commercial promotion?


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